Best fried chicken in nation is at this Georgia restaurant, Yelp says. Why it’s No. 1

Fans can’t get enough of the fried chicken at one Georgia restaurant — and now, it ranks as the nation’s best place to get the dish.

Kimchi Red in Alpharetta ranks No. 1 on a list of top spots for fried chicken. And two more Georgia restaurants joined it on the national list, according to results published in June by the review website Yelp.

The other Peach State spots that ranked among the top 25 destinations for eating the crunchy classic:

To create the list of best fried chicken restaurants, Yelp said it studied places that serve the dish, focusing on reviews that U.S. customers left in the year leading up to mid-June. It “ranked those spots using a number of factors, including the total volume, geographic representation, and ratings of reviews mentioning ‘fried chicken,’” including only the top-rated location for chain restaurants.

The results were released for National Fried Chicken Day, which falls on July 6. Ahead of this year’s occasion, one Atlanta-area destination reigned supreme on Yelp’s list.

Why people love the Georgia fried chicken restaurants

Top-ranking restaurant Kimchi Red in Alpharetta said it uses quality ingredients to create its menu, which includes Korean-style fried chicken. Customers can order the dish with a variety of sauces, and many customers took to Yelp to rave about the range of choices.

One fan-favorite is the Spicy Jeonju Chicken, which the restaurant describes as “crispy fried chicken tossed in a spicy mildly sweet red-pepper oil.” Several Yelp users said they loved that the dish was flavorful and packed a punch, helping the restaurant earn more than four out of five stars.

In nearby Atlanta, customers couldn’t get enough of the comfort foods at South City Kitchen Midtown. Some fans went online to praise the restaurant for serving fried chicken they said had a crunchy outer layer and a juicy inside.

Rounding out the list was Mrs. Wilkes’ Dining Room in Savannah. The tourist destination staple serves Southern favorites family style, and many Yelp users said the fried chicken was the highlight of their meals.

The Georgia restaurants earned national acclaim after another spot in the state made a name for itself. In June, Fox Bros. Bar-B-Q in Atlanta ranked as the best place to eat a burger in the United States, McClatchy News reported.

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