Best friends of 17 years find out they're sisters

Ashley Thomas and Latoya Wimberly have so much in common, they’ve been calling themselves sisters for years. Ever since they met at a birthday party 17 years ago, the two women haven’t gone a single day without at least talking on the phone. In February, Thomas and Wimberly learned that their close, sisterly bond isn’t just emotional, but biological too. Thomas shared photos of Wimberly's engagement party to Facebook, including some featuring her best friend’s father, Kenneth Wimberly. A family friend recognized him in the pictures as someone she and Thomas’ mother used to hang out with when they were younger. Word got around to Wimberly, who then shared a photo of Thomas’ mom with her father. He confirmed that they once knew each other and that they had a brief romantic relationship. With this in mind, the two best friends and Kenneth Wimberly split the cost of a DNA test. Weeks later, the results confirmed Wimberly and Thomas had been half-sisters all along. As their already close bond grows tighter and adds a father figure into the mix, Wimberly told CNN they’re just focused on the “journey”