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The Best Gifts For Gamers

Look, buying presents is hard at the best of times. What does this large candle say about my relationship with my aunt? Do 'the kids' still accept book tokens? Is it inappropriate to buy my mate a shirt, given that he apparently cannot choose a nice one for himself? It's a minefield. One wrong step and you're blown to pieces, metaphorically. Unless you gift someone Battleship.

Gifts for gamers are even harder to find. They're into games, sure. So do you buy them a game? Good luck, buddy. Firstly, they know what they want far better than you do. Secondly, anyone who walks into an actual high street shop in 2019 and buys a physical disc with a game on it is probably a cop, and sending someone a download code feels borderline insulting.

But there are loads of things you can buy for a gamer – here are 11 of the best.

The Best Gifts For Gamers

Struggling for ideas? Try an arty homage to Mario Kart or a remaster of a cult classic

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