The Best Indoor and Outdoor Halloween Decor to Make Your Home the Spookiest on the Block

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Transform your home into the spookiest spot in your neighborhood (inside and out)—all it takes is some imagination and a few eerily good decor pieces to get your place ready for All Hallow's Eve. While there are so many spine-chilling decorations out there, add indoor and outdoor Halloween decor that's tasteful, festive, and durable (which means you can use them year after year). After some digging, we found the most ghoulish Halloween decor items and chose our favorites that are a must this season.

Best Halloween Decor on Amazon

Decorating your home easily comes together with these popular indoor and outdoor Halloween decorations that are both affordable and stylish. If this is your first time making your home spooky for the holiday, the best place to start is with the basics. Quintessential indoor and outdoor Halloween decorations like bats, spiders, and witchy magic is a must.

While you're browsing, it's smart to think about what area of your home you're shopping for. For example, if you're looking to spruce up your front porch, make sure you get decorations that are weather-resistant and rust-free.

However, if you're searching for something that'll command the room indoors, like wall art, make sure it can be customized to your floor-to-ceiling height. Spider-themed picks like stringy cobwebs are also good, affordable options because they're lightweight, easy to store, and make a big impact without overpowering your space.

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What's also nice is that Halloween decor can certainly be mixed in with your existing look. You don't have to go overboard with the gruesome; some pieces appeal to the farmhouse aesthetic, too, with natural burlap materials and distressed options that'll fit right in with many interior designs.

Wherever you end up decorating, these indoor and outdoor Halloween decor options will bring the spirit of the season to your home at a great price.

Best Overall: Beegar Scary Bat Indoor/Outdoor Stickers

These fun bat stickies have a durable plastic paperlike construction that make them ideal for customizing your Halloween look. Thanks to their soft PVC material, the weather-resistant wings can easily stick to windows and walls in your home or on your covered front porch to give you a subtle eerie feeling year after year. Plus, the wings are malleable enough to bend and fold, making the bats look like they're actually flying. And because the pack comes with four different sizes, it'll really look like you have a bat cave in your home.

Best Budget: Aostar Halloween Spider Web Set

Make your space as ghostly as possible, even if you're on a budget, using this spider web net. The knotted and stringy texture gives it a realistic look even though it's made out of faux cotton. This set gives you a lot of bang for your buck since it can decorate your home both indoors and outdoors, up to 400 square feet, to make corners, an entryway, and even furniture look like they've been deserted for centuries. Plus, it also comes with 50 black spiders that set it over the top and make it look almost like the real thing.

Best Banner: Whaline Halloween Trick or Treat Burlap Banner

While you can certainly add a garland to your mantel, an on-theme banner like this one is a showstopper. It has an interesting, almost vintage-like font that looks so nice paired with its natural burlap material. This design will fit right in with farmhouse decor and make a bold statement at the same time. Use the 9.8-foot string to drape it over a fireplace or hang across door entryways to welcome guests and trick-or-treaters.

Best for Door: Amscan Boo Halloween Sign

Welcome Halloween and your guests with this festive front door sign that's designed with autumnal colors and is a great alternative to a fall wreath. This adorable dangling "Boo" sign easily gives your front porch a Halloween spin and looks cute on its own or accompanied with other seasonal decorations. Unlike spooky front door decor options, this one is family-friendly thanks to its sweet design: an orange, black, and white color palette with a small burlap bow to top it off.

Best for Mantel: AeroWo Lace Spiderweb Fireplace Mantel Cover

Cover your fireplace mantel for an instant dose of Halloween charm. With an ominous-looking hemline and radial lines that are classic for spiderwebs, this scarf will give your space a spooky appearance with minimal cleanup when the season's over. The lace-knitted spider web decoration is made with a wrinkle-resistant polyester material and covers the top of your fireplace while allowing it to peek through. The 18x96-inch spider web scarf is cut to ideally fit most mantels; however, you can get clever and use it for entryways or windows, too.

Best Vintage-Looking: Vela Lanterns Vintage-Style Candle Holder

A vintage-looking lantern combined with a colorful stained glass is quintessential Halloween lighting. This one has a Victorian appearance with the metal work design and deeply pigmented stain glass gives it an especially mysterious look.The window panels even have a gorgeous vintage design, and there's an opening in the back to hold a faux or tea light candle. Hang it in your tree or place it on a window sill for a pop of color trick-or-treaters will admire as much as the candy.

Best Pillows: Zjhai Halloween Pillow Cover Set

A simple way to bring the ghoulish season indoors is with a few Halloween-themed throw pillows that go right on your couch. But you don't need to swap out your pillows entirely to get the look: This set of Halloween pillow covers go right over your existing 18x18-inch cushions via a hidden, easy-to-pull zipper. Each pillow cover has a different design, but they look great together thanks to their classic Halloween color scheme.

Best Faux Pumpkins: Winlyn Gold Brush Faux Black Pumpkins

You can't celebrate Halloween without pumpkins. And faux fall pumpkins are a great way to ring in the holiday on October 31 and beyond. These fall pumpkin decorations have a grim black-and-gold-brushed appearance and come in multiple sizes, making them ideal to perch on your front porch, mantel, or dining table. Made of dense foam, these faux pumpkins have a shiny yet textured look that give them a realistic appearance, and each one has a twirly unique stem, so no two look alike. While this set has a black finish, it's also available in classic orange, white, and pink.

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