Best Marijuana Dispensaries in Colorado (According to Coloradans)

Anna Swartz

Colorado legalized recreational marijuana back in 2012, making it one of a handful of U.S. states in where adults who are of age can legally purchase marijuana in many forms, along with its accessories, without any special paperwork beyond a valid ID. 

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Since the state legalized marijuana, a number of businesses have rushed in to fill the demands of consumers. Nationwide, legal sales of marijuana brought in $5.4 billion in 2015, CNBC reported. Here are some of Colorado's favorite places to buy marijuana, according to online reviews from people who know best.

1. The Giving Tree of Denver, Denver

This Denver dispensary boasts one of the highest ratings on Yelp among dispensaries in the city, and reviews cite "knowledgeable and helpful" staff who are patient with "newbies" and a "laid-back" atmosphere.  The Giving Tree has both a medicinal and recreation section.

2. Natural Remedies, Denver

This Denver dispensary also garners stellar praise on their Yelp page with reviews like "you will be treated with respect, kindness, and made to feel welcome every time you shop at NR" and "Everyone is so friendly and knowledgeable." Natural Remedies includes a menu of products on their website.

3. Emerald Fields, Manitou Springs

Located just outside of Colorado Springs, this dispensary also has a location in Glendale. On its website, Emerald Fields says "We respect the marijuana culture at Emerald Fields and want to share this product with all of our guests in the safest, most responsible and compliant way." Online reviews praise "super friendly" staff and "lower" prices but some criticized "misrepresented strains."

4. Colorado Harvest Company, Denver

This dispensary has three locations so far and one on the way, according to its website. Colorado Harvest offers both medical and recreational services, and online reviews laud the "Extremely friendly and knowledgeable" staff and "great" product. 

5. The Family Joint, Colorado Springs

The Family Joint is a Grateful Dead-inspired "social club" with themed nights and live music and different strains of recreational marijuana available. One Yelp reviewer said "The environment was just as chill as I had imagined ... Definitely would recommend to anyone in town for recreational usage and/or great time."

6. Fresh Baked, Boulder

According to its website, Fresh Baked has won several awards including the "High Times Cannabis Cup." Reviewers mentioned a "functional yet cozy" interior, "friendly service" and a "welcoming environment."

7. Denver Recreational, Denver

This dispensary only offers recreational marijuana, not medical, and produces it in "small batches." Denver Recreational offers daily deals, as listed on its website. Online reviews of the dispensary praise "patient and knowledgeable" staff and "tons of options ... and varieties of strains."