Best Mattress Sales Over Memorial Day Weekend

Haniya Rae

Consumer Reports has no financial relationship with advertisers on this site.

Consumer Reports has no financial relationship with advertisers on this site.

If you’ve been tossing and turning on a mattress that has seen better days, you might consider upgrading over the long weekend. 

“Memorial Day is a great time to search for a discounted mattress,” says Claudette Ennis, CR’s market analyst for mattresses. “And for those that don’t want to join the crowds at the mall, new bed-in-a-box contenders are making it easier to find discounts online.”

CR combed through advertised sales for savings on mattresses that did well in Consumer Reports’ mattress tests and found a number of options—from Avocado to Tuft & Needle—that are worth a look.

Below, we’ve rounded up the standout mattress sales we found available through Memorial Day (and some slightly beyond).

If a particular mattress you’re looking for isn’t on sale, look for discounts or promotions on the manufacturer’s website or try to haggle for a better price. (You can haggle with online retailers for a mattress deal, too.) See our comprehensive mattress ratings for specifics on more than 130 models.

The sales here are listed alphabetically by brand. We’ll continue to add deals as we find them between now and the holiday.

Avocado Green
Avocado Green, a bed-in-a-box company and the maker of one of our highly rated innerspring mattresses, is offering $175 off any mattress purchase through June 3, 2019. Use the discount code HONOR2019 on Avocado’s site. Military personnel can save an additional $50. The queen-size Avocado Green mattress, normally priced at $1,400, earns an Excellent rating in our support tests for average-sized side and back sleepers, large/tall side and back sleepers, and petite back sleepers. And it’s almost as good for petite side sleepers—making it an all-around good choice for many mattress shoppers.

Casper is offering 10 percent off any order with a mattress through May 27, 2019, using code MEMORIAL19. The brand’s flagship mattress is priced at $1,195, so the promotion brings the price down to $1,075. CR paid $1,000 for the queen-size mattress we bought to test. Casper’s The Casper earns an Excellent rating in CR’s tests for petite side- and back-sleeping support, and offers stellar support for average and large/tall side and back sleepers. It has a firmness score of 4 on our scale of 1 to 10.

Charles P. Rogers
At Charles P. Rogers, you can get a slight deal on its St. Regis mattress, now on sale for $809 through May 27. (CR paid $965 for the mattress we bought to test.) The St. Regis offers superb support for both petite side and back sleepers, and earns a Very Good support rating for average and large/tall back sleepers. The mattress gets a score of 6 on our firmness scale of 1 to 10 (with 10 being the firmest).

Essentia is offering 25 percent off all products through Tuesday, May 28. CR paid $2,078 for the queen-size Essentia Stratami we tested; it’s currently listed at $2,871, and the offer would bring your total to $2,154. In our tests, the Stratami earns an Exellent support rating for petite and average back sleepers. This foam mattress is slightly firmer than average, earning a 6 out of 10 on our firmness scale. It’s also a fairly heavy mattress, weighing 122 pounds (88 pounds is the average mattress weight in our ratings), and might be fairly difficult to maneuver.

The bed-in-a-box company Lull has a deal for $150 off any size mattress on its website. When we tested the queen-size Lull mattress, $800, we found that it does well supporting petite and average side sleepers and average and large/tall back sleepers. It earns an Excellent support rating for petite back sleepers. This mattress is also on the firmer side, with a 6 out of 10 on our firmness scale. This is among the cheaper mattresses you’ll find marked down this weekend.

The Nectar mattress, from the bed-in-a-box company of the same name, is on our list of recommended foam mattresses. Nectar is currently offering $125 off a mattress, plus two free Nectar pillows, through May 28. That discount brings a queen-size Nectar down from $824 to $699. (We paid $670.) The Nectar earns a Very Good rating for petite and average side-sleeper support, and petite and average back-sleeper support. Worth noting: There are no grips on this foam mattress, so it might be a bit difficult to maneuver or rotate.

Sleep Number
Sleep Number’s offering a sale on its adjustable air Sleep Number 360 p6 bed for $400 off—which brings the total to $2,500, slightly less than what CR paid for this mattress. The 360 p6 earns a Very Good rating for side sleepers and back sleepers of all sizes but doesn't stand out for any size in particular.

This is a recommended mattress from Consumer Reports, and might be one of the least expensive mattresses you’ll find on sale for Memorial Day. The Tulo Medium, currently on sale for $500 (CR paid $650) earns an Excellent rating in our durability tests, maintaining its support after a simulated eight to 10 years of use.

Tuft & Needle
If you’re interested in a Tuft & Needle mattress, you can get $150 off the company’s Mint mattress through June 2, plus free pillows. The queen-size Mint Mattress, which CR paid the full $895 price for, earns a Very Good support rating for all sleep styles and body types. It’s on the softer side of our firmness scale, earning a 4 out of 10 (with 10 being the firmest).

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