Best Refrigerators for $1,500 or Less

Daniel Wroclawski

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There are plenty of reasons you might not want to spend thousands of dollars on a new refrigerator. Maybe yours quit suddenly, but you have other financial priorities. Or maybe you’re doing a kitchen remodel and can’t splurge on appliances.

Consumer Reports has done the testing and research for you, and found that around $1,500 is the sweet spot for a great value.

“We’re seeing fridges for less than $1,500 that offer nice features, such as dual evaporators, icemakers, and compartments you can convert from fridge to freezer and back again,” says test engineer Joseph Pacella, who oversees CR’s refrigerator labs.

Below CR members will see ratings and reviews of the 10 best refrigerators from our tests for $1,500 or less. Because our ratings are now organized by width (one of the most important factors in choosing a refrigerator), we've selected top models in each configuration at a variety of widths to help you find a fridge that fits in your kitchen. The list includes models from Amana, Daewoo, Frigidaire, GE, Kenmore, LG, Samsung, and Whirlpool that offer fantastic value.

To test refrigerators, we outfit each model with thermocouples in a climate-controlled chamber and monitor it for a month, collecting more than 5.4 million temperature readings that identify warm and cold spots, to determine which fridges will keep your food fresh longer. We also factor in survey data from thousands of CR members to judge brand reliability and satisfaction. All that data—and then some—inform CR’s refrigerator ratings charts and each model’s Overall Score.

One caveat: Prices fluctuate throughout the year, so depending on when you look, you might spot models here listed for more than $1,500. (What you won't find are any built-in refrigerators, because they're too pricey to make the cut: The models in our ratings range from $4,500 to more than $10,000.)

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