This best-selling tool can help relieve dry and cracked heels

While many of us have adjusted

to spending more time at home, .

we’ve had to come up with

creative ways for self-care

and our usual spa days.

Although getting a

pedicure or foot scrub may

not be possible right now.

there is one best-selling tool

that many shoppers say have

helped them achieve smooth feet.

Some have even claimed that

it’s ‘completely healed’ their

dry and cracked heels.

Rikans’ Colossal Foot File and Callus Remover has over 9,500 ratings and 4.7 stars on Amazon.

Lightweight and easy to

maneuver, this nifty item can be

used on either wet or dry skin.

The best part is if you aren’t fully satisfied with your purchase, it has

a 30-day money-back guarantee.

“Not only did it work, but it REALLY worked! I could not

believe how this foot file does its job in getting through the dry, dead and callused skin,” wrote one five-star reviewer