Best Snow-Blower Deals of the Season

Paul Hope

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If you’ve had your eye on a snow blower and Santa didn’t deliver, now’s a great time to buy one.

"January can be the sweet spot for snow-blower deals, particularly if you've had a mild winter in your area" says Courtney Pennicooke, CR's market analyst for snow blowers. "The selection is still pretty good, and you can often save money as retailers start making room for grills and lawn mowers."

Below are some of the best deals we’ve seen on models that perform well in our snow-blower tests, with discounts of $70 to $200 off the list price. Those discounts last through January.

For more information on different types of snow blowers, see our snow blower buying guide. CR members can learn more about the dozens of snow blowers we test in our snow-blower ratings. Not a member? Join here for full access to our complete snow-blower ratings, plus test results for thousands of other products.

Best Mid-Season Snow-Blower Deals

Briggs & Stratton compact two-stage snow blower
The deal:
 $720 at Lowe’s
CR’s test results: Briggs & Stratton 1696610
This powerful Briggs & Stratton compact snow blower is about $80 less than its regular price. That’s not as much of a discount as some of the other deals here, but it’s worth considering. This model can tackle up to 16-inch-deep snow in a single pass. It clears quickly, earning a rating of Very Good in removal speed, and is particularly adept at tackling a plow pile at the end of a driveway, earning a rating of Excellent in that test. 

Husqvarna two-stage gas snow blower
The deal:
 $900 at Tractor Supply
CR’s test results: Husqvarna ST227P
This Husqvarna is an exceptionally powerful two-stage snow blower, and it’s on sale for $200 less than its regular price at Tractor Supply. It gets some of the best marks of any model we've tested, including ratings of Excellent for removal speed, plow pile removal, and throwing distance. 

Snow Joe 21-inch battery-powered snow blower
The deal:
 $700 at Home Depot
CR’s test results: Snow Joe ION100V-21SB
This Snow Joe is one of only three battery-powered snow blowers we recommend, and on sale, you’ll save $200 off the regular price. While battery-powered models don’t have the power of the bigger gas-powered machines, this snow blower holds its own in up to 9 inches of snow. It earns ratings of Excellent for both surface cleaning and handling. 

Toro two-stage snow blower
The deal:
 $1,399 at Home Depot
CR’s test results: Toro Power Max HD 928
This beefy two-stage snow blower is available for $100 less than its regular price. It clears a 28-inch-wide path with each pass, wider than any other model here, so it’s the best model to consider if you have a large driveway. It excels at clearing quickly, with a rating of Excellent for removal speed. As a brand, Toro two-stage snow blowers are also some of the most reliable that we've tested, with a predicted reliability rating of Very Good based on data from CR’s reliability member survey

Troy-Bilt Storm 2410 compact two-stage snow blower
The deal:
 $630 at Home Depot
CR’s test results: Troy-Bilt 2410
This lean and mean compact two-stage snow blower is only 24 inches wide but really packs a punch. You’ll save $70 by buying now, which is a good deal when you consider it’s already the cheapest recommended model in its class in our ratings. It’s quick to clear even 16-inch-deep snow, and capable of clearing a plow pile at the end of your driveway with ease.

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