Best Things to Buy on Cyber Monday

Cyber Monday
Best Things to Buy on Cyber Monday

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Black Friday may trump Cyber Monday when it comes to consumer electronics, but for soft goods like clothes and shoes, Cyber Monday is still the undisputed, heavyweight champion.

In fact, there are roughly 50% more clothing and shoe deals today than there were on Thanksgiving or Black Friday, says deal aggregator site  Experts there claim today is the very best day to take advantage of stacking coupons, particularly from clothing and shoe retailers.  A wide range of stores will be offering blanket, site-wide discounts ranging from 20-80% off, many with free shipping.  This makes today a great day to stock up on basics, like socks and tanks, for the whole family.  

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And while you might think “Father’s Day” is the best time of year to a new drill for dad, according to DealNews, Cyber Monday is the best time all year for tools and hardware.  Mark LoCastro, spokesman for DealNews says, “Thirty-seven percent of all the tools and hardware deals listed for Cyber Monday in 2012 were marked Editors’ Choice – meaning best of the best -- and in fact all the deals for power tools rated this way.”

In other good news, though Black Friday might have yielded more deals total for large appliances, today you’ll likely find more quality, jaw-dropping discounts for washers, dryers, refrigerators, and freezers.  And look to stock up now on entertainment for your holiday vacation like movies, trilogies, and TV series.

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And if you missed out on buying gadgets or electronics on Thanksgiving and Black Friday, go ahead and get them now.  In fact, today may be your last chance:

“On Cyber Monday there are definitely less deals on consumer electronics and gadgets, but the quality of the deals are still high. Last year we noticed that 33% were still marked Editor’s Choice,” says LoCastro.

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Finally, deals can expire quickly and sell out fast, so just like on Black Friday, it pays to get an early start.  Know that many of the best Cyber Monday deals have crept into the preceding day – Sunday – and will have significantly dropped off by Tuesday and Wednesday so it pays to jump on the deals now.     

So what deals are you taking advantage of today?  Connect with me on twitter @farnoosh, and use the #finfit.  Thanks for joining us on Cyber Monday!