The best times to see fall foliage across Arkansas

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You could feel the change in the air — and in peoples' attitudes — this week as the annual clock struck autumn.

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  • Eyes lifted toward the trees to start calculating the best time for outings.

Driving the news: The next six weeks are big for lovers of the autumnal turn of leaves.

  • The travel brand recently published its 2021 fall foliage map. It shows most of Arkansas going from no change next week to patchy to peak color to past peak about the first week of November.

Why it matters: Fall colors are a tourist attraction. This weekend marks the kickoff of a season filled with motorcycle rallies, group bike rides, tailgating, long hikes and camping throughout the Natural State. All bring out-of-state dollars.

  • Though the pandemic may cause a slowdown, many of these activities are outdoors and aren't dependent on large groups.

Details: If you want to catch all the glory, you can chase fall colors in a clockwise circle from Northwest Arkansas (peak about Oct. 11) to Northeast Arkansas (near peak about Oct. 25) then south and back west (peak about Nov. 1).

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Here's how quickly it'll change:

Oct. 11

Leaf color forecast for Oct. 11. Image courtesy of David Angotti,

Oct. 25

Leaf color forecast for Oct. 25. Image courtesy of David Angotti,

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