The Best 'Total Divas' Moments From The Bella Twins

Carol Cassada

WWE stars Brie and Nikki Bella's fame rose thanks to the show Total Divas. The sisters became breakout stars on the series, which focused on their lives in and out of the ring.

Throughout the show's history, we saw the twins deal with injuries, relationship issues, embarking on new business plans, and questioning how much longer they have in the squared circle.

Brie and Nikki became so popular with viewers that the scored their own E! network spinoff Total Bellas. Their new series features the Bellas and the drama that ensues in their family.

While Brie and Nikki may not be featured much on Total Divas this season, they have provided plenty of memorable moments throughout the show.

Let's take a look at a few of them.

Brie and Daniel's wedding

Brie's relationship with WWE wrestler Daniel Bryan was one of the main focuses of the series. During the finale of the first season, we saw Daniel propose to Brie. The couple married in April 2014, a few days after Bryan won the WWE World Heavyweight Championship at Wrestlemania 30. Their wedding was filmed for Total Divas and aired during the second season.

Following their wedding, the couple dealt with many issues including planning a move to another city, starting a family, and Daniel taking early retirement.

Brie learns she's pregnant

Brie and Daniel made it no secret of their desire to start a family. Yet, Brie struggled with getting pregnant and wondered if the moment was ever going to happen. On May 9, 2017, she gave birth to their daughter Birdie Joe.

While Birdie's birth was filmed for Total Bellas, it was on Total Divas when we first learned the joyous news that Brie and Daniel were expecting. During season six of the show, Brie surprised her husband when she showed him the positive pregnancy test.

These days Brie is busy balancing motherhood along with her career and desire to have another baby.

Nikki and John Cena's relationship

When Nikki began dating top WWE star John Cena, everyone wanted to know tidbits about their relationship. Thanks to Total Divas, viewers got a first hand look at what went on behind closed doors.

The couple's relationship wasn't without drama. In one of the show's early seasons, Cena asked Nikki to sign a 75-page legal document before she moved in with him.

Aside from the pre-nup, the couple often argued about their different opinions regarding marriage and children. Cena was against it, while Nikki expressed her desire to be a wife and mother.

Towards the end of Total Divas, it appeared Cena was changing his mind in regards to marriage and children. Sadly, the couple's relationship didn't last, and we saw the breakup drama unfold on Total Bellas.

Brie Mode

Throughout the show's history, we've seen the "Total Divas" stars party and get drunk. Brie is no exception to enjoying a night on the town. During a wrestling tour in England, she and fellow WWE star Paige decided to go out for a drink. As the evening round down, Brie had a little more to drink than the intended and transformed into her party mood Brie Mode. She and Paige caused plenty of chaos at the bars before stumbling back to their hotel room.

The next day, a hungover Brie was confronted by Nikki, who wasn't pleased with Brie's behavior. While Nikki may not have been happy, Brie's wild moment was a memorable moment for Total Divas viewers.