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15 Water Bottles That'll Make 2020 the Year You Finally Hydrate Enough

By now, you have likely been socially shamed out of using plastic, single-use water bottles. That's good! Let's save the planet! (While you're at it, ditch the single-use straws, too.) That means you're in need of a reusable water bottle to keep around the house, throw in your gym bag, and transport to work so that you can stave off thirst. Plus, the experts recommend drinking eight glasses—or about 64 ounces—of water every day. But let us guess: You're getting about four? You can do better, and having that water bottle constantly in your line of vision will help.

So in the pursuit of a superbly hydrated 2020, here are 15 water bottles (all BPA-free) that we consider to be the best on the market. There's plastic if you don't care whether your water is ice-cold or not while you drink it. Stainless steel if you do care about your water being ice-cold while you drink it, and in fact, you'd prefer the ice cubes that you put in the bottle to stay solid for a few hours, too. Collapsible water bottles for easy transport and filtering water bottles for clean drinking. Many of these companies have made commitments to protecting our planet's water and promoting water security around the world, which is cool, too. Use these water bottles often, as in, every day. Because if you think you're drinking enough water every day, you're wrong.

15 Water Bottles That'll Make 2020 the Year You Finally Hydrate Enough

Your water bottle can be a style statement. It can also help save the planet.

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