Hundreds of beachgoers attend Bethpage Air Show

The 2021 Bethpage Air Show at Jones Beach delighted Memorial Day crowds for the first time ever on Monday.

Video Transcript

DAVID NAVARRO: Back here at home, hopefully the third time is the charm. The Bethpage Air Show says today is finally the day when its much anticipated event finally takes to the skies. The weather has not cooperated this weekend, forcing the cancellations of Saturday and Sunday show. And no one knows that better than Eyewitness News reporter Kristin Thorne, who stood out in the rain this weekend to report on everyone's disappointment, but now she's back live at Jones Beach. Kristin, are we finally a go?

KRISTIN THORNE: It is. We are a go. We've got the planes already up-- oh, let's go. Let me step out of the way here. We can make this work. We're going to show you some of the planes. This is Suni Farmingdale. Students from Suni Farmingdale now flying at the Bethpage Air Show. Just a great day today. And the first time this has ever been held on Memorial Day. It's usually Saturday and Sunday, but we're told by those with New York State Parks that after everything was washed out this weekend, the Thunderbirds came to New York State Parks and mentioned, hey, we may be able to do this on Monday. And so right away, everyone stepped up to the plate.

Air traffic control, everything, everyone that needed to come up to the plate to make this happen did, because they wanted to be able to do this for New Yorkers after everything we have been through this last year. So people have been coming down bright and early this morning. The show runs from 12:00 to 3:00, so it is condensed. Typically, the air show Saturday and Sunday for six hours each day, so now it's condensed into three hours really because the weather is going to be great for these three hours. So unfortunately, some of the acts that were going to perform are no longer performing. But the big headline ones, the Thunderbirds are going to be here from 1:50 to 2:50, and people are just so excited that they got another chance to have this opportunity to attend the air show.

AMANDA WASSERMAN: We were supposed to come Saturday, yeah.

KRISTIN THORNE: And it was just awful.

AMANDA WASSERMAN: It was, yeah. We were disappointed, especially after last year it being canceled and looking forward to this for two years, but we're here.

GEORGE GORMAN: Traffic right now is kind of light, so we are encouraging everyone to come down. We are accepting not only the passes that were sold for the weekend, but we are accepting general admission. So if you want to come on down, come on down. We do not anticipate closing and filling to 50% capacity today.

KRISTIN THORNE: So you heard that, right, if you're sitting at home right now and you've got an hour or two to spare, come on down if you're in the area. It's only going to cost you a general admission $10 parking fee. Come and join all of these people. And you're seeing from the shot here that if you do want to come down, it's a little chilly. It may be warm where you are right now but down here at the beach, I mean, look, we've got a jacket on. So this is not going to be your typical Memorial Day where you can be in your bathing suit, although some of the kids are trying let me tell you. They learned it's very cold in that water. But still, come on down. A great day to celebrate this holiday.