The Better Business Bureau warns online shoppers of holiday decor scams

The Better Business Bureau is warning that if you’re getting ready to decorate for the holidays, keep your eye out for scams.

A scam tracker used by the BBB has received complaints about false advertisements and phony promises for holiday decor.

The scam works by using fake photos on different online platforms to get you to buy the product. Once you get the product in the mail, it is significantly different from the picture on the website. In many cases, it’s a poorly made, smaller version of the item you ordered.

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Customers are having a hard time reaching the vendors, making returns and refunds practically impossible.

One customer reported such an experience.

“For Halloween, I ordered a giant 7-foot pumpkin head and a giant 7-foot skeleton with LED eyes and sounds. What I finally got in the mail after almost a month was two rubber 7-inch dolls that sort of looked like what they were advertising,” the customer said, “This company will not reply to their emails, which is the only means of communicating. The items looked amazing online, but the store is a total scam.”

The BBB is recommending shoppers research before they buy. Make sure the company has working contact information for returns, look on other websites for reviews of the company or reports of scams, and try not to make impulse purchases off social media because the apps can track your spending habits.

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