Are we better off one year after Joe Biden's inauguration? | Letters

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Joe Biden was sworn into office as the 46th president on Jan. 20, 2021. After a year in office, readers have a lot of opinions about him — and his predecessor.

Some miss Donald Trump. Others prefer that he is no longer president of the United States.

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How Biden helps the GOP

Is Joe Biden now working for the Republican National Committee?

Biden’s recent speech in Georgia about voting laws was so ludicrous and over-the-top that I imagine most Democrats, even those on the far left wing, were cringing.

Makes you wonder if he’s now secretly working for the RNC.

Make more speeches, Joe. You’re doing a great job!

Allen Kennedy, Nashville 37205

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Honor the Constitution, don’t worship strongmen

We passed a sad date in our history, another date that will live in infamy.

The date: January 6, 2021. It’s a date that reminds us as a country, as a democracy, that we only have one enemy. We have had enemies in the past, foreign and domestic, that tried to destroy our country, but now we only have one now and this one is the worst we have ever had.

Oh, we have distractions and they are very serious: COVID, the economy, climate change, voting rights just to name a few, but our enemy is the radical takeover of our country by right-wing extremists. They have weaseled their way into our federal and state governments and have sworn their loyalty to the loser of the last presidential election and continue to serve him by keeping his lies of a stolen election alive and by keeping him and his followers from justice for the insurrection attempt of Jan. 6.

The former president is a con man who has convinced his followers that he is the one who matters, not our Constitution, not our democracy, not the values our country has been built and fought for.

All the stops have been pulled to ignore justice, rewrite history and change voting laws all because the he is spoiled and thinks he deserves worship from all of us.

As a country no matter what your politics, your loyalty must be to the Constitution. It’s great to have great leaders, but our Constitution comes first. We can’t allow ourselves to be simple minded enough to be conned into believing in a swindle by a self-glorifying former president.

Steve Martin, Hendersonville 37075

President Joe Biden speaks during a news conference in the East Room of the White House Wednesday in Washington.
President Joe Biden speaks during a news conference in the East Room of the White House Wednesday in Washington.

Media must step up to heal U.S.

Truth, honesty and unity: Three things Joe Biden promised he would bring to the Presidency.

He’s repeatedly makes untrue statements about voting procedure laws being passed in multiple states, particularly singling out Georgia and Texas.

He says these laws are racist and calls them Jim Crow II. The Georgia law allows more voting days and is much more flexible on absentee ballots than Joe Biden’s home state of Delaware and Chuck Schumer’s home state of New York. His statements are blatantly false.

In addition to his dishonesty about these voting regulations he has the audacity to call everyone who doesn’t agree with him racists, further widening the deep divide between Americans.

The media is complicit in all of this. It should be an easy thing to present a comparison of the Georgia, Texas, New York and Delaware voting regulations. By not calling the president’s falsehoods for what they are the media gives credence to them.

If we are to bridge this great divide in America, we need the media to step up. They need to challenge the left as well as the right. The media may be our best hope to heal our country.

Bob Allard, Murfreesboro 37129

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Better pharmaceutical drug prices under Biden plan

President Biden’s social spending bill/ Build Back Better Act, contains a lot of help for almost everyone.

One part concerns the high price of prescription drugs. There has been much talk over the last few years about that, but nothing has happened yet.

As a pharmacist I have seen drug companies raise prices exorbitantly just because they can. However, President Biden has taken a step forward. In this very comprehensive bill is a provision that says Medicare is compensated from drug companies if the company increases prices above the inflation rate, which would keep the price lower for the consumer. This formula also applies to private insurance plans in calculating the compensation.

This provision is meant to break the cycle of annual drug price increases just because they can. This would benefit all people: those on Medicare and the younger population on private plans.

Workers from all different walks of life have something positive in this bill probably, but it is hard to know all that is in it, so do not bash this bill before you know how it will help you.

Martha Shepard, Dickson 37055

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Figuring out false prophets

I’m a retired soldier, not a theologian, and the Bible confuses me. I’m also a direct descendent of a famous 18th century Appalachian Presbyterian minister, The Rev. Robert Stuart, so I hope I am not committing heresy by writing this letter.

The Bible talks a lot about angels and all the good things they do. Apparently, God made angels along with man. Biblical discussions of “angels” are further confusing to me. At any rate, when I hear of a particular group purporting to be “Angelicals” while supporting “Trumpism,” I became curious, wondering “How can that be possible?”

The Bible Evangelicals proclaim to follow describes seven things that are distasteful to God, and states very clearly that God hates liars. That’s a total of eight things distasteful to God. I cannot think of anyone who comes closer to epitomizing those eight things than Donald J. Trump, yet he is apparently adored by Angelicals.

Seems a contradiction. That Bible also says: “Beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheep's clothing.” As I wrote that last quotation, I pictured Trump wearing a blue suit and tie holding a Bible aloft in front of St. John’s Church. That same Bible speaks of Satan “not holding to the truth, for there is no truth in him. When he lies, he speaks his native language, for he is a liar and the father of lies.” I then had a pictured Trump wearing a red suit and tie in front of that same Church.

I just can’t reconcile the Bible, Trump and Evangelicals. However, the Bible also talks about hypocrites and about all things being possible with God; so, who really knows?

James Stuart Emery, Valrico, Florida 33594 (formerly from Johnson City)

Mainstream news outlets never liked Trump

President Trump was never accepted or supported by the so-called mainstream media — mainly CNN, MSNBC, along with the Democrats.

They called him an “illegitimate” president. They promoted Russian collusion as to why he won the 2016 election, which turned out to be the real “big lie” we all had to endure for over two years on the airwaves and in numerous periodicals — all because of their emotional hatred for a person they said could never win the election.

They would not accept their devastating loss of an extremely “flawed candidate” on their side whom they arrogantly believed was a shoo-in to win. They asked, how could this possibly happen when the winning results of state after state went to Donald Trump?

The whole map of the United States was practically “red.” Soon they began to talk about doing away with the Electoral College because Hillary Clinton won the popular vote. Clinton did not win the majority of represented states, which they conveniently fail to mention.

During President Trump’s tenure, despite all his accomplishments, they continued an attempt to degrade, diminish, and destroy him at any cost on a daily basis. Then the world-wide pandemic hit, and they made it “political,” as if it was Donald Trump’s fault.

Riots occurred and cities were sieged for months after George Floyd’s death, and then we conducted an unprecedented election —all done with the excuse of a pandemic.

Further, the media claimed the riots throughout the summer were mostly “peaceful and justified.” Our country was held hostage for months!

Is it any wonder why the American people are skeptical and suspicious of the 2020 election? The hypocrisy is enormous.

Richard Anderson, Nashville 37189

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Biden a step up from Trump

Shall we blame President Biden for everything we don’t like these days? COVID? Inflation? The delay in getting what we ordered from overseas?

The Constitution only allows him to recommend legislation that will help us, which he does in his State of the Union address. That is all a president can do, besides jawboning with legislators behind the scenes, which is what he is doing. Two individuals are standing in the way of his proposals. He is not the perfect President, but he is sincere, honest, strives for the common good, and tries to integrate his goals with those of his party.

What if Donald Trump gets elected again because we are dissatisfied with Biden? What if he gets his people elected to Congress this year? His national politics were divisive, hateful, and untruthful. His international politics were embarrassing and scary. He doesn’t believe in climate change and he ignores medical science. He is clearly interested in his own fortunes and those of no one else.

A sitting president can’t be indicted or imprisoned, so Trump claims he is still president. He would go to the extremes of Jan. 6 to claim that he won. Did you see the hangman’s noose that was set up for Vice-President Pence outside the Capitol? If the mob had found him, would they have restrained themselves from hanging him or harming him so that Trump could “remain” president? How many police officers were injured on January 6?

Don’t we remember how it was under Trump? Trump may again be immune from prosecution if he gets elected in 2024.

Carol Tures, Nashville 37215

Feeling disenfranchised too

Re: “We are being disenfranchised before our eyes,” by Thomas Zimmerman, Jan. 3.

Mr Zimmerman, I have read your very appropriate letter concerning being disenfranchised. So much truth.

The problem in my opinion is that I believe many people have spoken up, such as myself but, The Tennessean only publishes what they want to publish.

Dick Barlow, Nashville 37217

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