Betting: Is Bijan Robinson Underrated for Heisman Trophy?

Pamela Maldonado looks at several of the Heisman contenders and determines whether their odds are overrated, underrated or properly rated.

Video Transcript

PAM MALDONADO: Let's take out the top two favorites to win the Heisman, Matt Corral and Bryce Young, out of the equation. Who is the next best option? Pam Maldonado, bringing you an "Overrated Underrated" look at the Heisman contenders heading into week six of the college football season.

Cincinnati's quarterback Desmond Ridder is 14-1 to win the Heisman, the third favorite in the odds. Overrated. The Heisman awards the outstanding player, one who shines, one who thrills, one who dominates. Ridder is good, but is he outstanding enough to win the Heisman? Ridder right now is 20th in passing efficiency, last year had a rushing six-yard average. So far he has just three. 32nd in passing scores, with just nine on the season.

This being a less than spectacular against a MAC team, an FCS team, Indiana ranked 56th in total defense, and did just throw 59% completion against Notre Dame

Ohio State's quarterback, CJ Stroud, is 16-1. I'll say he's slightly underrated. He did miss the September 25 match-up against Akron. No player has missed a game and won the award since 1993. Stroud is tied with 12 total touchdowns against Power Five teams, third-most in yards in those match-ups, and sixth overall in efficiency. Stroud's chances make more sense to me than Desmond Ridder's. Plus, he does have multiple opportunities to showcase his abilities when Ohio State faces Penn State, Michigan State, and Michigan to close.

And Texas' running back Bijan Robinson, 30-1 to win the Heisman, underrated. This is not at all a biased opinion. Texas is now back in the top 25, and Robinson is coming off a career high of 216 rushing yards on 35 carries with two scores in a 32-27 win over TCU. Though it is worth noting that the Horned Frogs were 115th in rushing defense entering this match-up.

However, if we are talking about thrills, Robinson is so fun to watch. In four of five games, he has rushed for 100 yards or more, 50-plus receiving yards in two games, second in rushing yards, closing in on Kenneth Walker III.

Michigan State's running back Kenneth Walker III, 35-1 to win the Heisman, slightly underrated. Walker is an absolute star. Three of five games, he has had 126 rushing yards or more. Eight rushing scores. While I do buy more into Robinson, however, Walker is not utilized in the passing game, just 17 total receiving yards on three total receptions. The Spartans schedule does, however, set up nicely for Walker to continue crushing.

Pitt's quarterback Kenny Pickett, 40-1 to win the Heisman, getting loads of attention as of late. Properly rated. 40 to 1 is about right where the number should be. Pickett is putting up some absolute insane numbers. Over 1,700 passing yards, a 72% completion, 19 touchdowns, just one interception. The competition: UMass, Tennessee, a MAC team, an FCS team, and Georgia Tech, three teams ranked 75th or worse in passing defense.

If you're looking to buy right now, Bijan Robinson is the option. Big name, big school, big coach, big-time player. That does it for another "Overrated Underrated," this time looking at the Heisman contenders heading into week six of the college football season. What do you think of these Heisman options? Let me know on Twitter @PamelaM35.

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