Betting: NFL Week 2 Prop Bets

Pamela Maldonado goes in depth on a few prop bets she is playing for Week 2 of the NFL season.

Video Transcript


PAM MALDONADO: Welcome to the prop shop. Pam Maldonado here to give you some of the best player props for week two of the NFL. Prop number one Jalen Hurts over 50 and 1/2 rushing yards. San Francisco generated three sacks in week one on 24 total touches.

What does Hurts excel at doing? Being a mobile dual-threat quarterback. In his three starts last year, Hurts rushed a 63-plus yards in all three games and 62 rushing yards just last week. Hurts is about to hurt this 49ers defense.

Prop number two, Kareem Hunt over 59 and 1/2 rushing and receiving yards. The Texans gave up nearly 400 yards of total offense to the Jaguars. The Browns are far more efficient and far more potent than the Jags.

Hunt, last year, rushed for a season high of 104 yards to the Houston Texans, plus an additional 28 yards receiving. Hunt hit this total in eight games last year and last week in the divisional match-up to the Chiefs. Hunt is about to feast.

Prop number three, Justin Herbert, over 300 and 1/2 passing yards. Herbert hit this number in eight games last year, five of which were at home, plus, last week, to a much better defense against Washington.

The Cowboys last year ranked 11th in passing defense, but they play just five match-ups against teams in the top half of passing offense. Chargers were six in passing offense last year, and they are fifth so far after one game.

The final prop, Carson Wentz to throw an interception. It's juice to bet a -135, however Wentz was sacked three times on 28 touches last week. And now, he gets to face Aaron Donald this week.


PAM MALDONADO: Wentz is coming off 15 interceptions last year, while the Rams defense in 2020 generated 14 interceptions, and forced one just in week one to Andy Dalton. Those are four players, four props. Head to the Yahoo Sportsbook to find these props for week two of the NFL.


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