Betting: NFL Week 4 line movement

Jared Quay previews some NFL Week 4 line movements.

Video Transcript

JARED QUAY: It's time for week four NFL Line Movement. Maybe you placed your bet already-- you want to see if it's looking better or worse. Or maybe you're looking to get a value right before the game. Let's get to it. Our first game of the week is the Bears, who started off as minus 6 and are now just currently -3. So if you bet the Bears at -6, you're a Bears fan. The Bears have looked terrible the first three weeks. Meanwhile this Lions team is 0-3, have been very competitive against three good teams. So I see why the line is moving. I don't know if it's better value at 3, because I still think the Lions might win outright. I know, I'm crazy. And last but not least, we have a total that's sinking. The Dolphins versus the Colts went from 45 and 1/2 to just 42 points. And I totally get this line movement. Carson Wentz hasn't looked great with the Colts offense, and the Dolphins have a sneaky good defense. Both of these teams should be punting a lot. If you've got the under at -45 and 1/2, kick your feet up, put a cigar in your mouth because betting Jim's going to be paying you soon. The Lions may keep moving, but we got you covered. We got your first risk free bet up to $1000 taken care of. Go to


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