Betting: NFL's rescheduled games

Minty Bets explores the recent craziness in the NFL with roster changes and game postponements.

Video Transcript


MINTY BETS: Welcome to "The Mint," a sports betting show where we're not trying to make you money.


We're just trying to make sure you don't lose it all. I'm Minty Bets, and today we need to talk about rescheduling--


--NFL games.


As you may know, this week in the NFL was crazy, due to the extremely long list of absent players and coaching staff. Because of all the last-minute roster changes, the NFL decided to postpone not one, not two--

- Not four, not five.

MINTY BETS: --but three games this week, making this week extend all the way to Tuesday.

- Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday. Tuesday--

MINTY BETS: So if you're like me and you lost a couple of bets this Sunday, you now have two games on Monday and two games on Tuesday to make that money back. That's the smart way to bet, right? Chasing your losses.

- Definitely, definitely.


MINTY BETS: But now this could be the perfect week to get together with our families for the holidays-- and completely ignore them, because we have wagers on football Saturday, football Sunday, football Monday, football Tuesday, and of course, football on Christmas Day.

- I love football.

MINTY BETS: 'Tis the season, everyone. Hope you guys have a safe and happy holiday, and hope you make some money as well. I'm Minty Bets, and this has been "The Mint."


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