Betting: Is Oklahoma the most overrated title contender?

Pamela Maldonado breaks down the usual teams in the College Football Playoff and determines which of them is overrated, underrated or properly rated.

Video Transcript

PAM MALDONADO: Pam Maldonado here to give you an outlook into the overrated, underrated college football playoff contenders of the past and the present. These are the teams that are normally in the playoff conversation. So where do they stand now?

- Alabama.

PAM MALDONADO: I'm not ready to call them a lock for the national championship title just yet, so I'll say properly rated. LSU definitely gave away the playbook on how to contend against the Crimson Tide. You run the ball, control the clock and don't turn the ball over. The question is, can teams like Ole Miss, Arkansas and even Auburn, did they get the memo?

- Georgia.

PAM MALDONADO: I'll say slightly overrated, at least for now. Georgia are the second favorites to win the national title, but have the Bulldogs even proven anything as of yet? They played Vanderbilt, South Carolina, UAB and now we see a win over Clemson wasn't really that impressive after all. So now the question is, they are 18 point favorites this week against Arkansas, who is number eight in the rankings. Prove to me that you can cover an 18 point spread against a good defense and a good rushing offense and then we're talking.

- Oklahoma.

PAM MALDONADO: Second favorites to win the [? natty? ?] Get out of here. It is a new week and I have the same old answer, overrated. The Sooners, they can't even win a game by more than one score. OU isn't even in the top 50 points per game.

- Notre Dame.

PAM MALDONADO: We're catching the Fighting Irish on an upward trend here, so I'll say underrated in the rankings. They are number nine behind number seven, Cincinnati Bearcats. Notre Dame has the better pass rush, the better defense and starting this week, Notre Dame will be facing the tougher slate of opponents. Cincinnati at the moment shouldn't even be in the top 10 based off who they've played.

- Ohio State.

PAM MALDONADO: Overrated, overrated, overrated. Two wins that they have against Minnesota, who lost to Bowling Green and Akron, and they allowed 500 yards to Oregon. The fourth favorites in the national title odds? No.

- Clemson.

PAM MALDONADO: Clemson is out of the top 10 for the [? natty ?] odds, so that's properly rated, but oh by the way, the Longhorns who have won lost this season against a top 10 team in Arkansas, they aren't even in the top 25 rankings. But Clemson, who is 2-2 and averaging just 12 points per game is. This is absolutely backwards.

That's a look at the overrated underrated teams for the college football playoff contenders. Which team am I leaving out? Hit me up on Twitter @PamelaM35.

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