Betting: Track and Field best bets

Andy Behrens previews his best bets for Track and Field at this summer's games.

Video Transcript

ANDY BEHRENS: Well, we encourage you to watch Olympic track and field for the usual reasons. Drama, patriotism, marveling at the talent of the world's best athletes. But maybe also because you can turn a profit. Andy Behrens of Yahoo Sports here with a few recommended track and field plays via our friends at BetMGM.

For starters, I'm looking at the 400 meter hurdles, both on the men's and the women's side. Let's start with the men and Rai Benjamin, former USC great. He was the US champ, by a mile, at the trials in Eugene.

He ran the third fastest time in history, 46.83. Benjamin and Karsten Warholm are the only men to run sub 47 or close to it this year. The problem for Benjamin, of course, is that Warholm is the current world record holder.

He spent all of 2020 chasing one of the oldest marks in track and field. Finally got it about a month ahead of the Tokyo games. Benjamin versus Warholm is without a question one of the most highly anticipated match ups of these games regardless of sport.

These are two of the absolute best to ever do it. It is going to be a spectacular match-up. There's no value to be found on your Warholm, however. He's minus 250 at Bet MGM. But Benjamin, plus 200, it's going to be a close race.

Benjamin has the better PR in the flat 400 for what it's worth. He definitely has a shot at gold. As for the women's 400 meter hurdles, what if I told you that the reigning world champion Rio gold medalist and former world record holder Dalilah Muhammad was available at plus 375?

Well, she is. The reason, of course, is that Sydney McLaughlin looked unstoppable at the trials, just broke Muhammad's world record. McLaughlin will be one of the biggest stars of these games in all likelihood.

I'm not disputing that. Let's just appreciate that Muhammad is an almost unrivaled master at being ready on the biggest stages at the biggest moments. She just ran her 52.4 at the trials not long after battling a hamstring injury, battling COVID. She is a supreme talent.

We basically get a world record every time Sydney and Dalilah meet on the track and we can probably expect another in Tokyo. Overlook Muhammad at your own peril. I cannot pass on a multiple gold medalist at plus 375.

I have saved my favorite wager, wagers for last. Give me Juvaughn Harrison, the LSU star, for gold in the high jump at plus 500 and the long jump at plus 450. I want these separately and I want the parlay.

Harrison is number two in the world this year in both events. He's the double champ at NCAA's and at the US trials. It is a crazy double that he's attempting here. Not done by a US athlete at the Olympics since Jim Thorpe. Jim Thorpe.

That's pretty decent company. Harrison is very much a medal threat in both events. If he wins just one, you profit on these bets.

If he wins them both and you hit the Harrison parlay, you're a thousand-aire. Drinks are on you. Please folks, check out these and other Olympic opportunities today at

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