Exclusive: Betty White on her 95th birthday

By Kaye Foley

Television icon Betty White only gets better with age. The Golden Girls star turns 95 on Jan. 17. Yahoo Global News Anchor Katie Couric met with White in Los Angeles to talk about her secrets to a long and vibrant life, her storied career and her positive outlook.

“I just appreciate the fact that people have been so kind to me all these years,” White says. After more than 75 years working in showbiz, she adds, “the fact that I’m still working — that’s the thing I’m most grateful for, that I still get asked for jobs.”

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On her love of animals and the closing of the Ringling Bros. Circus:

White has loved animals since she was a little girl. She says that her furry friends interested her more than her school friends when she was growing up. “We spoke the same language,” she said.

When asked about the Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus shutting down “The Greatest Show on Earth” after 146 years, White said, “It’s how animals are treated when they’re used.”

On the GoFundMe campaign to save Betty White from 2016:

Last year was filled with the losses of beloved talents like Prince, David Bowie, Carrie Fisher and Debbie Reynolds. After Fisher’s death, a tongue-in-cheek GoFundMe campaign was set up to save White herself from 2016.

White was surprised yet grateful for the love fans give her, saying they “spoil her rotten,” but she “enjoys every minute of it.”

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On division in America and staying positive:

White has seen a lot in her 95 years. Even though White says the country does seem divided, she considers herself an optimist.

“It’s the time to buckle down and work positively as much as you can,” she says. “Just think, ‘All right, there’s nothing I can do about that right now. But I can do my best in my little circle. So if I do that, maybe you’ll do your best and we’ll get through this.’”