Between Joker and Doctor Strange : EXO’s Suho reveals his ideal acting roles

Joe Lee

Not just a pretty face, Suho is keen to embrace darker roles. — Picture via Instagram/iffam_photostudio

MACAO, Dec 9 — It may seem highly unlikely that Kim Jun-myeon, better known as in the world of K-pop as EXO’s Suho — is keen for a villainous role.

The soft-spoken 28-year-old may seem an unlikely casting choice for antagonistic roles but he says he really is looking for roles that would allow him to explore a darker character — with one particular reference in mind.

“Most of my roles have been ‘positive’, so at this point I really want to be a villain,” said Suho.

“I want to play roles like Joaquin Phoenix’s Joker.”

The popstar actor is keeping his fingers crossed for more opportunities to play conflicted characters on screen.

Citing Tim Burton and Christopher Nolan as two directors he would be keen to work with, the talent ambassador for the fourth International Film Festival & Awards Macao (IFFAM) added that he wants to embrace characters that may veer off the typical ‘good guy’ roles which many have come to associate him for. 

As fellow South Korean actor Ma Dong-seok, also known as Don Lee, joins the Marvel universe as Gilgamesh in the upcoming The Eternals — Suho shared another ideal dream role as a comic book hero in the Marvel universe.

“If I could choose, my Marvel role of choice would be Doctor Strange. It’s a really good movie, and Benedict Cumberbatch did a really great job.

“I really want a role like it because his role comes across really salty, but deep down he’s a good guy who can be depended on.”

The fulltime popstar is also a serious actor. — Picture courtesy of IFFAM

His love for films is not hampered by his busy schedule, as Suho makes time to indulge in his passion.

“Last Hollywood movie I watched was sci-fi romantic drama in 2013’s Her (by Spike Jonez which starred Joaquin Phoenix, Amy Adams and Scarlett Johansson) and the last South Korean movie I watched was (the) 2019 South Korean black comedy thriller Parasite (directed by Bong Joon-ho).”

While his status as a singer may take up a lot of time, Suho’s love for film and acting does not suffer from his packed timetable as a popstar.

“In terms of EXO’s schedule, most of it is set up a year before by the management.

“Every spare moment I have, I will use to fill up with acting.”

And it’s not just about jumping in any role, as he says he really tries to take the time to delve into the character’s requirements.

“When I receive a script, and get to know more about the character, I will do more research and find similarities between my personality and that of the role.

“I try to dig deeper emotionally and expand from there, and to embody the character and try to develop it further as I go along.”

The Korea National University of Arts acting major who loves listening to bands like Coldplay and Maroon 5 to relieve stress, insisted no character lacked challenge — even those that are more familiar, like that of a K-pop singer.

“If I get roles where I need to play singers, it’d still be interesting because the character while ‘similar’, would have a different personality, be in a different environment with different experiences and I would require a different understanding of the role itself.”

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