Which Beverly-Mt. Greenwood Business Is Best Of 2020?

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BEVERLY-MT. GREENWOOD, IL — It's been a roller-coaster year for most businesses in Beverly, Mt. Greenwood or Morgan Park. The coronavirus pandemic has presented several challenges for most local businesses, from the closures in the spring to enduring restrictions and other hurdles that continue this fall.

But that hasn't stopped many of our small businesses from continuing to offer the products and services beloved by their regular customers. Many of 19th Ward's best-known businesses have managed to navigate the turbulence with steadfast determination and an unwavering commitment to the clients they serve.

Whether it's the restaurant that made special accommodations for your takeout, the shop that opened early so you could pick up curbside, the pizzeria that went out of its way to deliver to your home, or the hardware store owner that offered you invaluable advice when a repairman wasn't available — we want to hear about the businesses that have impacted your life this year in Beverly, Mt. Greenwood and Morgan Park.

To shine a special spotlight on these local businesses, we are asking our Patch readers to nominate Local Businesses of the Year.

Please tell us the name of the business, where it is located, why it deserves to be recognized and what specific actions have earned your allegiance. Please be as specific as possible, as your comments may be included in a Patch feature article about the local business.

You can nominate any local business you feel should be recognized. That includes retail stores, restaurants, hardware shops, dry cleaners, plumbers, car mechanics, salons and more. You can even nominate the business you work for if you feel they've gone above and beyond in helping their employees through this uncharted time.

Patch will regularly feature nominated businesses throughout November and December.

Please submit your nomination by Dec. 10.

Additionally, if you are a local business owner who would like to share more information about your services and offerings, sign up to be included in Patch’s free Local Business Information Center

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