Beyoncé fans question if Ticketmaster will be able to handle demand for upcoming tour

Yahoo Finance's Allie Canal discusses scrutiny on Live Nation ahead of Beyoncé's concert ticket sales, especially after the Taylor Swift debacle.

Video Transcript

ALLIE CANAL: Because my next pick for--

SEANA SMITH: Nicely done.


SEANA SMITH: Nicely done.

ALLIE CANAL: I've been working on that-- is Live Nation Entertainment because Queen B, Beyonce, she's going on tour. But will Ticketmaster be able to handle the demand? After last year's Taylor Swift fiasco, Congress has ramped up its fight against Live Nation Entertainment, which lawmakers and competitors alike allege is a monopoly. Fans are already bracing for impact, too, with one Twitter user warning the ticketing giant, quote, "don't screw this up." And guys, fans don't want to have deja vu after the Taylor Swift situation. I had to get one more pun in there.


ALLIE CANAL: But clearly, all eyes are going to be on this rollout. You have to think Ticketmaster is already trying to think ahead, considering that. Shares are up modestly right now. But what do you guys think? You think they can handle it?

DAVE BRIGGS: No, I think is there a song I can use to say it's going to be a debacle?

SEANA SMITH: I'm trying to think of one. I'm trying to think of one off the top of my head.

DAVE BRIGGS: I don't know my Beyonce catalog enough to say, but it will be a disaster. It will be a debacle, whatever word you want to pick. I think the question is, will Congress do anything about this? Congress loves the shiny little object, and they love to take advantage of something that is hot as far as their constituents go. And once we lose track of that, once we follow another shiny object around the room, they move on.

Will the DOJ break up Live Nation, Ticketmaster? I'm very pessimistic, although the Biden administration has really shown a tendency right now to go after these companies. They got a loss on Meta earlier today. Look, it is a monopoly. It's close to 80% of the ticket market. It fits the description in every way, shape, or form. Let's see DOJ do something. Are we skeptical?

SEANA SMITH: I'm very skeptical.

DAVE BRIGGS: I'm skeptical.

SEANA SMITH: I don't think it's going to go off well this ticket sale, and I also do not think they are going to be broken up.

DAVE BRIGGS: I agree on both.