Beyoncé's Mystery ’Renaissance' Box Sets Have All Sold Out Already


Beyoncé isn’t letting anyone break her soul, but the BeyHive is happily breaking into their wallet to support Queen Bey.

As of Wednesday, June 22, all four versions of the Renaissance box sets sold on are already sold out. The box sets were described as including a box, a physical CD, and a T-shirt, but literally nothing else is known about these boxes.

It is also completely unclear how each box is different from one another. Their only descriptors are “pose 1,” “pose 2,” “pose 3,” and “pose 4” – whatever that means!

Nonetheless, the hype is real for “Break My Soul” as the lead single for Renaissance, so it’s not surprising that Beyoncé’s brand-new merch has already sold out.

Meanwhile, the BeyHive is eagerly anticipating the release of the Renaissance album on July 29. This multi-part project is reportedly going to feature house music and country-leaning songs, but it’s still being kept under wraps if each of these albums will have a more consistent theme.

For now, Beyoncé has just been dubbing Renaissance as “act I” of this new era, which definitely means that a second act is happening. Considering that it’s been eight years since the pop star released Lemonade, the Hive could not be more excited to listen to new Beyoncé.