Beyoncé’s reaction to crowd’s ‘Love on Top’ sing-along is going viral

When Beyoncé says to sing, you sing. The crowd at the Friends Arena in Stockholm, where Beyoncé's Renaissance tour kicked off on May 10, did just that — to mixed results.

Beyoncé sang 37 songs over the course of three hours. When she got to "Love on Top," she invited the crowd to sing along to the song's iconic key changes.

On Twitter, a concertgoer posted a clip from the moment when fans joined in, which has been seen over 1.2 million times. But after people zoomed in on Beyoncé's facial expression, they think she didn't seem impressed.

“I’m still stuck in Beyoncé’s reaction,” the attendee wrote on Twitter.

At the end of the clip, Beyoncé also says "give yourselves a round of applause," which some immediately took as shade.

And because this is the internet, the moment quickly became meme fodder.

“She said: ‘y’all had a year to practice, lawd have mercy’,” another user wrote, captioning the reaction.

However, one concertgoer said the internet got it wrong: Beyoncé had actually been impressed with the crowd's singing.

"I was there, she was impressed cuz the crowd was really good at singing this song altogether," they wrote on Twitter. ( has reached out for comment).

Another defended Beyoncé, stating, “She would never treat her fans that way. Y’all should know better. She’s not mean-spirited like that.”

Whatever the case may be, Bey’s reaction will now go down in tour history.

The Renaissance World Tour is an extravagant affair, with elaborate costumes from Beyoncé and the crowd, intricate set pieces (such as the use of a metallic tank), and an overall ode to ballroom culture.

"Renaissance" is set to continue throughout Europe before heading to North America and concluding on September 27 in New Orleans.

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