Beyoncé's storage unit robbed twice: report

Jami Ganz, New York Daily News
·1 min read

Hopefully nothing in Bey’s storage units was irreplaceable.

Three such units rented out by Beyoncé's Parkwood Entertainment production company in the Los Angeles area were burgled twice this month, with over $1 million worth of goods now in the wind, TMZ reported Friday.

The thieves nabbed some of the superstar’s dresses and handbags.

All the items stolen in the first robbery belonged to the Grammy winner.

The latter burglary followed just days later and involved three units in the same facility. Among the items taken in that operation were handbags, toys, and photos from one of the “Drunk in Love” singer’s stylists.

At the time of publication, no arrests had been made but an investigation by Los Angeles Police remains underway.