Biden Administration Launching New Initiative To Convince People To Get COVID Shots When They Can

CBS4's Natalie Brand has the latest from the White House.

Video Transcript

- The mix-up comes as the Biden administration is launching a new initiative to convince people to get the shots when they can. CBS 4's Natalie Brand has more details from the White House.

NATALIE BRAND: Johnson & Johnson has delayed shipments of its vaccine from a manufacturing plant in Baltimore after a mistake spoiled about 15 million doses.

JEN PSAKI: The issue was identified as part of rigorous quality control system checks, and HHS made us aware late last week.

NATALIE BRAND: Millions more doses are being tested to make sure they were not contaminated.

ANTHONY FAUCI: Nothing from that plant has gone into anyone that we've administered to.

NATALIE BRAND: Johnson & Johnson says it's still on track to deliver its contracted 100 million doses, and it hopes to do so by the end of May.

JEN PSAKI: For US supply, for the supply that we are anticipating through the course of May, we have been assured that they expect to meet those deadlines.

NATALIE BRAND: The White House is ramping up efforts to combat vaccine hesitancy, unveiling a new multi-billion-dollar campaign. The push includes a network of influencers, everyone from sports stars to local faith leaders, aimed at reaching the most vulnerable communities.

- In some communities, there is a concern about getting vaccinated, some based on mistrust, based on history, some based on-- just rooted in misinformation, of which there is a lot out there. And we need your help to combat that.

NATALIE BRAND: The White House continues to urge caution when it comes to relaxing social distancing measures. President Biden called out the Texas Rangers for opening their ballpark to full capacity, saying it's not responsible. Natalie Brand, CBS News, The White House.

- Tonight, the season opener between the New York Mets and Washington Nationals has been postponed because of COVID cases with the Nats.