Biden: Advisers to lead with 'science and truth'

In a dig at the outgoing Trump administration, President-elect Joe Biden said the team of scientific advisers he introduced Saturday will lead with "science and truth. We believe in both." (Jan. 16)

Video Transcript

JOE BIDEN: This is the most exciting announcement that I've gotten to make in the entire cabinet, raising this to a cabinet-level position in one case. These are among the brightest, most dedicated people, not only in the country but the world. As a presidential science advisor and director of the Office of Science and Technology Policy I nominate one of the most brilliant guys I know, persons I know, Dr. Eric Lander. And thank you, Doc, for coming back.

He's a pioneer in the scientific community. Principal leader of the Human Genome Project. It's not hyperbole to suggest that Dr. Lander's work has changed the course of human history. And I came to appreciate Dr. Lander's extraordinary mind, when he served as the co-chair of the President's Council on viruses and Science and Technology during the Obama-Biden administration.

And I'm grateful. I'm grateful and we can work together again. I've always said that the Biden-Harris administration, we'll also going to lead and we're going to lead with science and truth. We believe in both.

KAMALA HARRIS: That's right.

ERIC LANDER: The President-elect knows that science and technology will be crucial in meeting this moment. And he has tasked us in this letter. And I don't mean just his scientific advisors, I mean the whole scientific community and the American public, with answering important questions about how science and technology can best be used to advance our health, our economic welfare, and our national security. He's asked us to rise to this moment.