Biden Announces Executive Orders In Gun Control Measures

People on both sides of the gun control issue spoke with KDKA on Thursday. KDKA's Chris Hoffman has more.

Video Transcript

KEN RICE: We are hearing tonight from those who support and those who oppose new gun laws.

KRISTINE SORENSEN: Now they do agree on one thing, gun violence is a problem. But how to solve it, well, that's where they disagree. Chris Hoffman is live with both sides. Chris.

CHRIS HOFFMAN: Ken and Kristine, gun owners feel this is just another action by government that doesn't solve the root of the problem, while victims of gun violence praise the president for trying to stop any more gun violence leading to loss of life.

JOSH ROWE: To me it's just something, one more law that isn't really going to have any meaningful effect on anything.

CHRIS HOFFMAN: Josh Rowe is with Allegheny Arms and Gun Works in Bethel Park. He believes the root of the problem is mental health and socioeconomic issues, and that is what politicians should address.

JOSH ROWE: Those are hard problems to solve, and those are generational problems that you have to start addressing.

CHRIS HOFFMAN: Unfortunately, Pittsburgh knows gun violence all too well. In 2018, 11 members of the city's Jewish community were killed when a gunman opened fire in the Tree of Life Synagogue in Squirrel Hill.

CAROLYN BAN: And yes, I get emotional at this point, because our group was founded in response to mass murder.

CHRIS HOFFMAN: Carolyn Ben is with the Squirrel Hill Stands Against Gun Violence group and a member of the Dor Hadash congregation, which was in Tree of Life during the tragedy.

CAROLYN BAN: We care, we know what it feels like to be affected by mass murder. We can't let people like that walk around with assault rifles, we just can't.

CHRIS HOFFMAN: The Jewish Federation of Greater Pittsburgh says it respects the rights to own guns, but doesn't want it to be abused.

LAURA CHERNER: Action can occur that isn't infringing upon the Constitution or the right of responsible Americans to own firearms. These are simply protections and common sense gun laws that could protect all of us.

CHRIS HOFFMAN: Rowe is willing to try anything to stop gun violence, but he is not sure if the president's plan is the answer.

JOSH ROWE: The majority of this new gun control is just rehashed plans and rehashed failed policies.

CAROLYN BAN: And we have to get those guns out of the hands of civilians. They were not designed for civilians, they were designed for the battlefield.

CHRIS HOFFMAN: Now with this being a hot button political issue, both sides of the aisle have their opinion on what should or what shouldn't happen.