Biden backs checks for Americans making $75,000

President Joe Biden said on Tuesday he agreed with a proposal by Democratic lawmakers that would send $1,400 stimulus checks to Americans earning up to $75,000 in income and households making up to $150,000.

"Yes," Biden said when asked if he supported the proposal.

Biden, speaking during a meeting with business leaders in the Oval Office, said he had been in touch with Republican leaders about the package.

"I think we're in a position to ... think big," Biden said.

Video Transcript

JOE BIDEN: The American people are hurting. There's a lot of people who are in real, real trouble. A lot of people going to bed at night, staring at the ceiling, wondering whether they're gonna be in that apartment the next day, are they gonna be evicted, or are they gonna keep their mortgage.

As you know, I've met for a long time with my Republican colleagues. I've been exchanging correspondence with them and telephone calls, as well, to see if there's any way we can follow up beyond where we are. I'm meeting with the members of the House and the Senate as well. And I think we're in a position to think big and move big and to move in a direction that can not only get the economy back on its feet, but we have to get people well before we get people on their feet. And we've focused a lot of the attention on making sure that we deal with the coronavirus.

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