Biden calls SUV's crashing through Waukesha parade a ‘horrific act of violence’

Before nominating Jerome Powell for a second term as chairman of the Federal Reserve, President Biden commented on Sunday's incident in Waukesha, Wis., when an SUV smashed through a parade, killing at least five and injuring dozens. Biden noted the families’ grief and said, “An entire community is struggling struggling to cope with the horrific act of violence.”

Video Transcript

JOE BIDEN: Before I begin, I want to comment on the tragedy that occurred last night during the holiday parade in Wisconsin. While we don't have all the facts and details yet, we know this morning that five families in Waukesha are facing fresh grief of a life without a loved one. At least 40 Americans are suffering from injuries, some of them in critical condition. And an entire community is struggling, struggling to cope with a horrific act of violence.

Last night, the people of Waukesha were gathered to celebrate the start of a season of hope and togetherness and Thanksgiving. This morning, Jill and I and the entire Biden family, and I'm sure all of us, pray that that same spirit is going to embrace and lift up all the victims of this tragedy, bringing comfort to those recovering from the injuries, and wrapping the families of those who died in the support of their community.

We're all grateful for the extraordinary work of the first responders from law enforcement to the emergency room doctors, who are working around the clock to deal with the terrible consequences of what happened last night. My administration is monitoring the situation very closely.

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