Biden campaign preparing '360 degree effort' to engage Caribbean-American voters in Florida

Tim O'Donnell
·2 min read

Sen. Kamala Harris (D-Calif.), the presumptive Democratic vice presidential nominee, may already be playing a key role in shifting the crucial swing state of Florida toward her running mate and presumptive Democratic presidential nominee, former Vice President Joe Biden.

The choice of Harris, who is of both Jamaican and Indian descent, for the ticket has excited the oft-ignored Caribbean-American voting bloc, especially among the Black West Indian diaspora, Politico reports. "It's the pick that energizes us. It's the pick that's getting us motivated," said Karen Andre, one of Biden's top Florida advisers. Andre, who is of Haitian-American descent, said the campaign is preparing a "full 360 degree effort" to engage Caribbean-American voters with paid radio ads in Creole and English, as well as possibly having local radio hosts interview the potential vice president.

Andre told Politico her phone was "burning" with calls from Jamaican-Americans after the Harris announcement, but she added she's also "heard from Haiti, Trinidad, Barbados, Bahamas."

Like all voting groups, Caribbean-Americans are not a monolith, and not every voter of Jamaican or Haitian descent, for instance, will vote for the Biden-Harris ticket. But Hans Mardy, a Haitian-American Republican activist in Miami who is struggling to support Trump after he vulgarly insulted Haiti earlier in his tenure, said people of Haitian and Jamaican descent in South Florida "have a very tight connection," indicating the apparent excitement about the presumptive Democratic ticket could indeed be infectious within the community. Read more at Politico.

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