Biden: 'We have to earn our democracy'

Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden campaigned in Pennsylvania on Sunday.

Video Transcript

JOE BIDEN: There's one thing, there's one thing that remains the same. We have to earn our democracy. We have to get out and vote. As my late friend John Lewis reminded us-- freedom is not a state. Freedom is an act. We have to defend it. We have to vote. And this is the most important election of our lifetimes. We're at an inflection point, so we have to vote like we never did before.

Every day, every day is a new reminder of how high the stakes are, of how far the other side will go to try to suppress the turnout, especially here in Philadelphia. President Trump is terrified of what will happen in Pennsylvania. He knows the people of Pennsylvania get to have their say. If you have your say, he doesn't stand a chance.


But the American people, the American people will not be silenced. Over 90 million people have already voted, already voted. They've had enough. They've had enough. There's too much on the line to sit it out.