What’s in Biden’s executive actions on gun control

President Biden on April 8 outlined his administration’s plan to curb gun violence after two recent mass shootings.

Video Transcript

JOE BIDEN: Today we're taking steps to confront not just the gun crisis, but what is actually a public health crisis. Nothing I'm about to recommend in any way impinges on the Second Amendment. They're phony arguments.

I asked the attorney general and his team to identify for me immediate concrete actions I could take now without having to go through the Congress. And today, I'm announcing several initial steps my administration is taking to curb this epidemic of gun violence.

Much more need to be done, but the first, want to reign in the proliferation of so-called ghost guns. They have no serial numbers. So when they show up at a crime scene, they can't be traced. And the buyers aren't required to pass a background check to buy the kit. With online sales and ghost guns, times and trafficking methods have changed. And we have to adjust.

We also have to ask the Justice Department to release a new annual report. This report will better help policymakers address firearms trafficking as it is today. We want to treat pistols modified with stabilizing braces with the seriousness they deserve. A stabilizing brace [INAUDIBLE] on a pistol essentially makes that pistol a hell of a lot more accurate and a mini rifle. As a result, it's more lethal, effectively turning it into a short barreled rifle.

Fourthly, during my campaign for president, I wanted to make it easier for states to adopt extreme risk protection order laws. They're also called red flag laws. These laws allow a police or family member to petition a court in their jurisdiction and say, I want you to temporarily move from the following people any firearm they may possess, because they're a danger and a crisis. They're presenting a danger to themselves and to others. And the court makes a ruling.

I asked the Justice Department to publish a model red flag legislation. So states could start crafting their own laws right now. They've offered plenty of thoughts and prayers members of Congress. But they passed not a single new federal law to reduce gun violence. Enough prayers, time for some action. I believe the Senate should immediately pass three House-passed bills to close loopholes that allow gun purchasers to bypass the background checks.

The only industry in America, a billion industry, that can't be sued, has exempt from being sued are gun manufacturers. But this is the only outfit that is exempt from being sued. If I get one thing on my list, the Lord came down and said, Joe, you get one of these, give me that one.

We should also ban assault weapons and high capacity magazines in this country. There's no reason someone needs a weapon of war with 100 rounds, 100 bullets that can be fired.

And three, reauthorize the Violence Against Women Act, which-- the so-called close the boyfriend and stalking loopholes to keep guns out of the hands of people found by a court to be an abuser and continuing threat.

We have so many people dying every single day from gun violence in America. It's a blemish on our character as a nation. Let me say to all of you, God bless you, but most importantly, the memory of all many of you who've lost in a senseless gun violence.