Biden inches towards big win with more gains

Joe Biden inched towards victory in Pennsylvania in the latest count of votes tabulated by Allegheny County elections workers. (Nov. 6)

Video Transcript

RICH FITZGERALD: The next batch that I think they'll have to do has a lot of processing in place. It'll be much more time-consuming. So they've been able to push out as many of the 29,000 tonight. I don't have a number of how many.

But the last batch is a total vote of 3,212 votes. Joe Biden got 2,436 votes. Donald Trump got 733 votes.

I am so proud of the workers of Allegheny County, who have been here, really, not just for today and last night, they've really been working hard and they'll keep at it. And, you know, I've got to be honest with you, these numbers are all going in the right direction. So I think it's pretty obvious where this thing's going.