Biden introduces picks for economic team: 'Help is on the way'

On Tuesday, President-elect Joe Biden introduced his choices for his economic team, including Janet Yellin as treasury secretary, and Neera Tanden to lead the Office of Management and Budget.

Video Transcript

JOSEPH BIDEN: Let me be clear, with this team and others, we'll add in the weeks ahead that we're going to create a recovery for everybody, for all. We're going to get this economy moving again. We're going to create jobs, raise incomes, reduce drug prices, advance racial equity across the economy, and restore the backbone of this country, the middle class. Our message to everybody struggling right now is this. Help is on the way.

My dad, you heard me say this before, when he lost his job in Scranton when I was a kid, and we eventually moved the family not far from here, Claymont, Delaware, just in the outskirts of Wilmington, used to say, Joey a job is about a lot more than a paycheck, it's about your dignity, it's about respect, your place in the community. It's about being able to look a kid in the eye and say, honey, it's going to be OK, and mean it.

He also used to say, Joey, I don't expect the government to solve my problems, but I do expect them to understand my problems. This team understands.