Biden kicks off campaign to promote COVID relief plan

President Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris are hitting the road to sell the COVID relief plan to the public. Ed O'Keefe reports.

Video Transcript

NORAH O'DONNELL: We turn now to the Biden administration, because they are embarking on a multi-state tour to sell the president's COVID relief bill to the American people, and while they're at it, to try and convince Americans to get their COVID vaccinations. CBS's Ed O'Keefe reports tonight.

ED O'KEEFE: From the White House--

JOE BIDEN: Shots in arms and money in pockets.

ED O'KEEFE: --to Las Vegas--

KAMALA HARRIS: Help is here.

ED O'KEEFE: --to New Jersey--

JILL BIDEN: It's a chance to breathe again.

ED O'KEEFE: --the Biden administration began its full court press today, part of a six-state week-long swing to promote the COVID relief bill. This as thousands of stimulus payments are starting to show up in bank accounts.

JOE BIDEN: By the time all the money is distributed, 85% of American households will have gotten $1,400 rescue checks.

ED O'KEEFE: Christina Libby got her check on Friday. She says she'll use the money to help pay off debt she's racked up during the pandemic.

CHRISTINA LIBBY: It means a lot. You know, it's definitely a level of security that we don't normally have in our bank account.

ED O'KEEFE: But some big banks like Chase and Wells Fargo say stimulus payments won't show up in accounts until Wednesday. Bad news for Arielle Butler, a mother of two kids.

ARIELLE BUTLER: We were evicted during this pandemic. And getting back on our feet the right way, this money is needed for that.

ED O'KEEFE: Another priority for the White House: making sure Americans get vaccinated. While a majority plan to when it becomes available, nearly a third of Republicans say they won't.

- Should President Trump help promote the vaccine among skeptics, sir?

JOE BIDEN: The thing that has more impact than anything Trump would say to the MAGA folks is what the local doctor, what the local preachers, what the local people in the community say.

ED O'KEEFE: Also tonight, the Senate has just confirmed New Mexico Congresswoman Deb Haaland to serve as Secretary of Interior. She becomes the first Native American ever confirmed to a president's cabinet, and now oversees the Interior Department, which includes the Bureau of Indian Affairs. Norah?

NORAH O'DONNELL: An historic appointment. Ed O'Keefe, thank you.