Biden launches first ever US climate finance plan

President Joe Biden convened leaders of the world's most powerful countries to try to spur global efforts against climate change. The president declared the U.S. States was launching its "first ever international climate finance plan." (April 22)

Video Transcript

PRESIDENT BIDEN: Today, we are issuing America's first ever international climate finance plan. This plan represents our vision for financing the global climate response in a coordinated way. It lays out specific steps that federal agencies of the United States will take to increase both the quality and quantity of climate financing. And it will help us spur the private sector to contribute more to climate solutions in developing nations and here at home as well.

You know, this moment demands urgency. Good ideas and good intentions aren't good enough. We need to ensure that the financing will be there, both public and private, to meet the moment on climate change and to help us seize the opportunity for good jobs, strong economies, and a more secure world. I'm confident, I'm confident that we're going to get this done together. And I look forward to the progress we're going to make together in today's sessions. So let's move on.

JOHN KERRY: Well, Mr. President, thank you very much for your leadership and the sense of urgency which you are calling everybody to account for. Creating a net zero economy and doing it as rapidly as possible is an enormous challenge. It will require mobilizing finance at an absolutely unprecedented level. And it will require governments to help facilitate the net zero transition around the world and help, especially, and we've heard it again and again from the leaders this morning, the vulnerable countries, the people who just don't have the finance or the technology or the ability to do this.