Biden Meets With Bipartisan Group Of Lawmakers On Infrastructure

President Biden reached agreements on some points on infrastructure during a meeting with bipartisan members of Congress, although there will still be hurdles if the president wants this push to have bipartisan support.

Video Transcript

JOE BIDEN: Project, as well as how we pay for it.

- The president also stressed the need for his infrastructure plan during a virtual summit with CEOs on the semiconductor supply chain and chip shortages.

JOE BIDEN: This is infrastructure.

- We need to build the infrastructure of today, not repair the one of yesterday.

- Monday, the White House released a state by state list of needs, highlighting the volume of bridges and roads in poor condition, as well as the broadband needs nationwide.

- In Michigan, there are more than 1,200 bridges and over 7,300 miles of highway in poor condition. 13% of South Dakotans do not have access to acceptable broadband speeds. That's something we'd love to improve.

- Republicans in Congress have already pushed back against the current proposal, saying it's too expensive and includes items they don't consider infrastructure, such as expanded Medicaid benefits.

Republicans also argue the president's proposed corporate tax hike to 28% will drive companies out of the US.

- Those are not things that we support, not things that I support. 6% is actually focused on the kind of infrastructure that there is bipartisan support for. So I would urge Democrats, let's focus on that.

- White House officials say the president is looking for significant progress from lawmakers by Memorial Day.