Biden moves COVID-19 vaccine eligibility date to April 19

President Biden announced on Tuesday that he's moving up his deadline for states to make all adults in the U.S. eligible for coronavirus vaccines to April 19.

Video Transcript

JOE BIDEN: On March the 11th, I announced that I was opening up all vaccination sites to all adults by May 1. Many governors, Democrats and Republicans, responded and decided to beat that date, which was good. Thanks to their hard work and the hard work of the American people and the hard work of my team, I'm announcing today that we're moving that date up from May 1 to April 19 nationwide.

That means by no later than April 19 in every part of this country, every adult over the age of 18, 18 or older will be eligible to be vaccinated-- no more confusing rules, no more confusing restrictions. My message today is a simple one. Many states have already opened up to all adults. But beginning April 19, every adult in every state, every adult in this country is eligible to get in line to get a COVID vaccination.