Biden will have no greater ally than UK - Raab

Raab said Britain respected the continuing process of vote counting and recounts, but remained confident that the 'checks and balances' of the U.S. system ensure a definitive result with Biden's victory.

Raab added that Britain would never put in place a physical border between Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland as negotiations for Britain's status outside the European Union continue to take place.

Video Transcript

DOMINIC RAAB: Well, look, I first of all congratulate President-elect Joe Biden. He's won with more votes in history in any election. We congratulate Vice President-elect Kamala Harris. She will be the first black woman to hold that office, a landmark achievement, and we're excited by the opportunities for working with the new administration.

The contours are just, the opportunity, some of the risks are just when there's changes in the White House, but I'm very confident from climate change to cooperation on coronavirus to counter-terrorism. There's a huge bedrock of underlying interests and values that bind us very closely together.

And when we look at what Joe Biden has talked about doing in foreign policy, he will have no greater ally and no more dependable friend in the United Kingdom.