Biden pardons national Thanksgiving turkeys

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President Biden pardoned the national Thanksgiving turkey, Chocolate, and its alternate, Chip, on Monday, in the 75th anniversary of the White House ceremony.

Video Transcript

JOE BIDEN: So the votes are in. They've been counted and verified. There's no ballot stuffing. There's no foul play. The only red wave this season is going to be a German shepherd, Commander, knocks over the cranberry sauce on our table. That will cause-- there are big turkeys, aren't they? My fellow Americans, please welcome the 2022 national Thanksgiving turkeys, Chocolate and Chip.

I tell you what, man. They can go wherever they want. Of course, chocolate is my favorite. Chocolate is my favorite ice cream. But we could have named them Chips and Science. But anyway, it would have been good names, as well.

But Chocolate Chip weighs 46 pounds, and I'm told he loves catching sun on the Outer Banks. And Chip weighs 47, and he loves barbecue and basketball, I'm told. After receiving their presidential pardons today, Chocolate and Chip are going to head to one of the nation's great basketball schools and research universities, North Carolina State.

Now, when we told them they were joining the wolf pack, they got a little scared. But then we explained it was just a mascot for the school. Has one of the nation's best poultry science departments in the country.

And now, based on their temperament and commitment to being productive members of society, I hereby pardon-- I hereby pardon--


Yes. I hereby pardon Chocolate and Chip. Which one's Chocolate? Whose Chip?

- This is Chocolate.

JOE BIDEN: Chocolate, you're pardoned. And so are you, Chip. Chip says, I know it. I don't even have to be told.

- Why don't we put them on the table?

JOE BIDEN: Can you do that? You can do that. That's a big bird, man. We have more chickens than anybody in the nation in Delaware, but we don't have turkeys. Look at this. God love you. Now, this is Chocolate, right?

- It is.

JOE BIDEN: Chocolate, you are pardoned. You are pardoned. He says, you had to tell me that? Yeah. Yeah, you are. Yeah.


I'm serious. He said, I don't know, man. You don't have to pardon me. I knew I was pardoned.