Biden policies begin migrant asylum hearings in U.S

The Biden administration moved to restore the asylum system to how it worked for decades Friday by releasing a group of asylum-seekers into the United States, ending their long wait in Mexico. (Feb. 20)

Video Transcript

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[CAMERA SHUTTER CLICKS] - Well, yes I am a little bit excited, you know? Because we heard on the news the new President has given the authorization for the courts to open on this day and it's my turn to go to court, and I'm a little bit happy about that.


ERIKA PINHEIRO: Yeah, he's right about that. When they register, they will receive a call with more information. They have to go through COVID testing, they have to be approved by CBP before they show up at the border. Everyone will receive an appointment to show up, and they will not be processed without an appointment. They will start with 25 people a day, and increase to 300 people a day.