Biden praises Germany’s efforts in supporting Ukraine

Joe Biden
Joe Biden

“You stepped up and provided critical military support and you know, I would argue that beyond your military support, the moral support you gave to Ukrainians has been profound,” CNN quotes Biden.

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“And you've driven historic changes at home – increase in defense spending and diversifying away from Russian energy sources – I know that has not been easy, very difficult for you.”

The two leaders agreed that the United States and Germany are in “lockstep” on security issues, working to make NATO stronger and more capable.

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In his turn, Scholz reiterated that Berlin will continue supporting Ukraine for as long as necessary.

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“This is a very, very important year because of the very dangerous threat to peace that comes from Russia invading Ukraine, and it's really important that we acted together, that we organized in lockstep, and that we made it feasible that we can give the necessary support to Ukraine during all this time,” the chancellor said.

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