Biden praises Jon Stewart’s advocacy for veterans

On Wednesday, President Biden signed burn-pits legislation into law to support veterans. During his remarks, he praised comedian and activist Jon Stewart’s efforts to get health benefits for veterans saying, “What you’ve done, Jon, matters.”

Video Transcript

JOE BIDEN: When I ran, I said one of the reasons I was running, one of the three reasons, was to unite the country, and I was roundly criticized for being naive. That was the old days. I used to be able to do that. Well, guess what. I don't believe it. We never have failed to.

There are a lot of issues we can disagree on, but there are issues we can work together on, and this is one of those issues. So many of you here today remind us that we have fought for this for so many years, veterans, surviving families, surviving family members, advocates like Rosie Torres and Jon Stewart. And Jon, I want to thank you again. I wanted to come up and hang out on the Capitol steps with you, but the Secret Service said that would be a pain in the neck. They wouldn't let me do.


So at least we did a little video on there, but what you've done, Jon, matters, and you know it does. You should know. It really, really matters. Refuse to let anybody forget. Refuse to let them forget, and we owe you big, man. We owe you big.