Biden: 'Prepared to compromise' on infrastructure

President Joe Biden met at the White House Monday with a bipartisan group of lawmakers to push his $2 trillion dollar jobs and infrastructure plan. Biden said he's "prepared to compromise" on what's in the package as well as how to pay for it. (April 19)

Video Transcript

JOE BIDEN: Thanks for coming in, guys. I want to thank my colleagues-- they're still my colleagues, both when I was a member of Congress and I've been here. And-- but, I'm glad you all came down. We're going to talk about our infrastructure package. And as I indicated earlier, I am prepared to compromise, prepared to see what we can do and what we can get together on.

It's a big package, but there's a lot of needs. And so we're going to be talking about, number one, what should be included in the package-- obviously, I put a lot in the package. I think it all should be included-- and how to pay for it. And there are the two issues. I've noticed everybody's for infrastructure, question is, who is going to pay for it? And-- and that's what we're going to try to work out today, at least, in this bipartisan group of members of the House and Senate.

And a little-- a little secret here, going on full disclosure, I asked senators and congressmen who had either been governors or mayors, because they know what it's like to make things work to make sure that you get things done and deal with infrastructure and the needs in your communities. So that's why we're here. We hopefully will be able to reach some kind of consensus, at least in broad terms. So thank you all for coming in, and we'll be talking to you later.