Biden: Rioting 'thugs' will be held accountable

President-elect Joe Biden on Friday denounced the rioters who stormed the U.S. Capitol as “thugs" and "domestic terrorists” and said those responsible for the insurrection will be investigated and prosecuted. (Jan. 8)

Video Transcript

- How should they be treated by your Justice Department? Should they be treated as domestic terrorists?

JOE BIDEN: Yes. they should be treated as they're a bunch of thugs, insurrectionists, white supremacist, anti-Semites. 6M is not enough, I mean, come on-- these shirts they're wearing? These are bunch of a thugs, thugs. And they're terrorists, domestic terrorists. And that'll be a judgment for the Justice Department to make as to what the charges should be.

But the fact is they should be prosecuted. They should be prosecuted. The difference here is this had the active encouragement of a sitting president of the United States. And the way in which the breakdown in security occurred needs to be thoroughly investigated. I'm not going to prejudge what it was. But the idea, the idea that these people were able to just march up the stairs, march in, and do it in the way with--

We had-- there's a great debate-- I don't know the answer-- a great debate now. Was the governor of Maryland correct when he said that I was ready to send in the National Guard, I couldn't get authorization? What happened? It deserves a fullblown investigation, people be held accountable, and steps taken that something like this could never happen again.

- Do you think you need to change any of the planning for your inauguration as a result of this?

JOE BIDEN: A totally different entity is in charge of the inauguration that was in charge of protecting the Capitol, the Secret Service. I have great confidence in the Secret Service. I have great confidence in their ability to make sure that the inauguration goes off, goes off safely, and goes off without a hitch. So it's a different-- so I have confidence in what is go-- and the planning that's been underway before this and continues with the Secret Service as the lead agency.

- Thank you.